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Mr. American by George MacDonald Fraser

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For this riotous Edwardian caper, George MacDonald Fraser delivers the same snappy dialogue, spirited characterizations, and vivid historical background that made his Flashman Papers bestsellers.Arriving straight from the frontier with two long-barreled .44 Remingtons and a battered edition of Shakespeare, Mark Franklin immediately has all London at his cowboy-booted feet. But no one knows really what to make of the tall, soft-spoken, and definitely dangerous stranger: neither Scotland Yard detectives, City financiers, West End actresses, King Edward's entourage, nor the drinkers at the Castle Lancing pub. Even that semi-retired scoundrel, General Harry Flashman is puzzled by Franklin's dark past and his present schemings -- and no one knows more about men and mischief than Flashman.Fans of Flashman -- or any reader who enjoys exciting storytelling and robust humor -- will be equally delighted in Mr. American. This 1980 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Hardcover is in Good condition.

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