Shattered World (Orbit Books) by Michael Reaves

Ice-Mage by Julia Gray

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Ice Mage is a stunning epic fantasy adventure full of thrills and magic. The remote and wild land of Tiguafaya is on the edge of chaos. The menacing volcanoes that dominate the landscape grumble and threaten destruction. The repulsive fireworms, the marauding pirates, and the ancient dragons grow bolder by the minute. The corrupt and ineffectual government is paralyzed and helpless in the face of all the dangers. The country's only hope for survival lies with a group of young rebels known as the Firebrands. Led by the lovers, Andrin and Ico, and the half-mad musician, Vargo, the Firebrands are desperately fighting back. Using the once-revered but now lost arts of magic against the overwhelming odds, they are all that stand between Tiguafaya and total devastation. This 1998 Orbit Paperback is in Fair condition.

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