The Outcasts of Heaven Belt by Joan D. Vinge

Tango Charlie And Foxtrot Romeo: the Star Pit (Tor Double, No 4) by John Varley; Samuel Delany

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In general, I prefer long to short. These two novellas, however, are both beautiful. Long enough to be satisfying stories, and contained enough to not leave me wanting more. I love Delaney and the way his own character shines through in his stories. The listing here is deceptive. Only The Star Pit is Delaney; Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo is John Varley. I finished these a couple of weeks ago and Varley's story is much stronger in my mind, maybe because I don't have so many of his other stories in my mind to mix it up with, like I do Delaney's. And it's more fantastic. A smart-ass lady cop, a smarter-ass 30 year old child alone on a decrepit space station breeding dogs, a nanny computer named Tick Tock, a media queen, a has everything, and the ending is really quite lovely - somehow it becomes just another day. The Star Pit I had read before, at least I remember an echo of The Golden, those just psychopathic enough to pilot interstellar spaceships. Like in Variable Star, but more unstable. An amazing character: a projective telepath addicted from birth to a strong hallucinogen; a trope of enclosed self-sustaining environments and their destruction; the trapped at the spaceport. I love a good spaceport, and the ship repair shop is very vivid. This 1988 Tor Paperback is in Good condition.

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