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Terror And Consent by Philip Bobbitt

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'the wars against terror have begun, but it will take some time before the nature and composition of these wars is widely understood. The objective of these wars is not the conquest of territory, or the silencing of any particular ideology, but rather to secure the necessary environment for states to operate according to principles of consent and make it impossible for our enemies to impose or induce states of terror.' Terror and Consent argues that, like so many states and civilizations in the past which suffered defeat, we are fighting the last war, with weapons and concepts which were useful to us then but have now been superseded. Philip Bobbitt argues that we need to reforge links that previous societies have made between law and strategy; to realize how the evolution of modern states has now produced a globally networked terrorism that will change as fast as we can identify it. This 2008 Allen Lane Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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