Weasel's Luck by Michael Williams

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This attractive new re-release of Weasel's Luck showcases a new look for the Heroes series.The Sign of the Weasel is tunnel on tunnel, enchantment on enchantment. He digs beneath himself, and in digging discovers all roads into nothing. -- The Calantina, IX:IXWeasel's luck was not always good.Galen Pathwarden, known unaffectionately as 'the Weasel,' would give anything to stay clear of adventure, danger, or heroism.But that is before young Galen is pitch-forked into the center of a centuries-old curse, one family blood-feud too many, and a knightly tournament unto death.Together, Galen, the great Solamnic Knight, Sir Bayard Brightblade, and a non-too-bright centaur Agion must overcome the schemes and traps of a sinister illusionist known only as the Scorpion. This 1989 Wizards of the Coast Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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