365 Nights by Charla Muller

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When Charla Muller's husband turned 40, she gave him something memorable. Sex. Every day. For an entire year. The Mullers had a solid marriage and two wonderful children, but over the years sex had fallen low on their to-do list. The lack of intimacy wasn't causing them to drift apart, but their connection didn't seem as great as it could be. Charla decided she couldn't go on pretending the relationship they once had wasn't important. The couple would embark on a year of scheduled sex, falling over Tonka trucks and piles of laundry in an effort to make time for each other. There were obstacles along the way (work implosions, faking it) and questions came to light. Will sex every day strengthen a marriage, or reveal the cracks? Pull a couple together or drive them apart? Does good sex (even mediocre sex) make up for things that aren't so good? And what happens when you'd just rather not? This 2008 Pier 9, Murdoch Books Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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