Adios Muchachos by Daniel Chavarria

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The beautiful Alicia hatches a plot to ensnare the wealthy foreign visitors to Castro's Cuba through an elaborate scam involving a broken bicycle and her voluptuous charms. Taking choreographed spills in front of expensive foreign cars, Alicia squeezes the maximum sympathy and cash out of her clueless, sexually aroused, victims. Add to this mix the guile of her mother who is in on the scam, and the sky's the limit for Alicia. However, when she attempts to trap Victor, a convicted bank robber masquerading as a Canadian businessman, they quickly realise each other's nefarious motives and embark on a misadventure of sex, cross-dressing, kidnapping and death by olive.Adios Muchachos is an erotic, brutally funny romp through the underworld of post-revolutionary Cuba. This 2003 Serpent's Tail Paperback is in Good condition.

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