If the Slipper Fits by Elaine Fox

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Anne Sayer learned long ago that fairy tales don't come true. Connor Emory was the 'prince' of a rich and powerful family and she was the 'hired help,' and for one glorious Maine summer, it was heaven. But evil stepmothers do exist, so Anne's 'happily-ever-after' -- wasn't.Dashing, charismatic, and successful, Connor never understood what happened all those years ago, but he's sure now it was for the best. As the reigning heir to the family estate, he returns to Candlewick Island for one reason only: to sell the cursed castle where his heart was broken and dismiss from his life the woman responsible. But Anne, now more beautiful and confident than ever, no longer fits his memory -- and Connor is intrigued. But enough so to risk his heart again?A long way from the girl she had been, Anne knows what she wants. Armed with a scheme to save the estate and aided by a houseful of eccentric cohorts, this 'Cinderella' intends to win back her prince. Because the glass slipper that would never have fit a decade ago is the perfect size now ... This 2003 Avon Mass Market Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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