Bettany's Book by Thomas Keneally

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Inspired by a diary the author discovered while researching THE GREAT SHAME, this epic novel spans several generations of an Australian family from the convict years to the present day.Dimple is a well-known film producer who won fame with a film called Enzo Kangaroo, but she is currently having difficulties getting another film project off the ground. When she discovers the memoirs and letters of her ancestors, John Bettany and Sarah Bernard, she not only sees major omens for her own life but is convinced she's finally found her next film subject.Primrose, her sister, works for an aid organisation in the Sudan and is in love with a Sudanese epidemiologist, Sherif. In an economically ravaged country, Prim's relationship with Sherif is a dangerous connection, made even riskier by investigations they are pursuing into corruption in refugee camps. This 2002 Doubleday Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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