Sorrow Mountain: the Journey of a Tibetan Warrior Nun by Ani Pachen; Adelaide Donnelley

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Growing up in Tibet, Ani Pachen was never deprived. Her father, a powerful local chieftain, provided all she needed: a loving home, material wealth and a strong spiritual upbringing. Overnight, all that changed.As the Chinese invaded Tibet, destroying villages and Tibet's spiritual heritage, Ani's father died, and though she was in training to be a nun, Ani was compelled to take over from him and lead her people in resistance against the Chinese. For two years she lived in the hills with the freedom fighters, but the Chinese were an indomitable force and Ani was eventually captured in 1960. She was imprisoned, beaten and tortured for twenty-one years. Released in 1981, Ani returned to her village to find it in ruins. In danger of being recaptured, she made a harrowing escape over the mountains to India, and in Dharmsala she found her way to the Dalai Lama and her true spiritual home.SORROW MOUNTAIN is Ani's story. But more than that, it is a spiritual journey, for it was Ani's spiritual upbringing that allowed her to survive, to remain a strong and powerful woman. Here she shares the teachings that saw her through her most difficult periods, the inner core that helped her survive a situation most of us could never imagine, and that made her a role model and heroine to millions worldwide. This 2000 Doubleday Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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