Sonata for Miriam by Linda Olsson

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A middle-aged man living on Auckland's Waiheke Island recalls vividly the sudden death of his daughter Miriam. Grief silenced Adam at the time, but now he decides to break the silence and explore the secrets of the past. The search becomes a tribute to his daughter, and takes Adam from New Zealand to Poland. There he finds the truth about his past, but now he must live with it. On an island off the rocky coast of Sweden he re-connects with the love of his life. Sonata for Miriam is a heartbreaking tale of a man's search for his past, about the exposure of secrets that have been hidden for too long, and about the importance of talking about the most vital and the most painful in life. But more than anything it is a novel about love. Rich and satisfying, Sonata for Miriam will stay with the reader long after they have put it down. Linda Olsson's first novel, Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs, was an international hit. Hundreds of thousands of copies have sold in the US and Europe, especially in Sweden, where Linda is now a major literary figure. In NZ it has sold nearly 8000 copies. Sonata for Miriam is being published around the world, including by Penguin in the US, and similar success is expected. This 2008 Penguin Mass Market Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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