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1943: the Victory That Never Was by John Grigg

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On 6 June 1944 Allied troops landed on the Normandy beaches to open the Second Front in north-west Europe. The long-awaited D-Day had arrived. Why was the invasion delayed until 1944? Why didn't the Allied war leaders launch their cross-Channel assault in the summer of 1943, when the troops, equipment and supplies were available, and the Germans less well prepared? These are the questions that John Grigg probes in this challenging reappraisal of the Second World War and in particular of the political and military decisions taken in 1943. In 1943: THE VICTORY THAT NEVER WAS Jchn Grigg reconsiders the roles of Cmirciiiii and Roosevelt, their relations with e3rl. uincr and their impact on the war. He also looks afresh at the reputations of such key figures as Brooke, Portal, Marshall, De Gaulle, and Montgomery, and at such major features of the war as the North African campaign, the invasion of Sicily, the struggle in Italy and the bomber offensive against Germany. By failing to open the Second Front in 1943, John Grigg argues, the Allies took appalling risks and invited calamitous consequences. This 1980 Methuen Hardcover is in Very Good condition.

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