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Before I Sleep: Memoirs of a Modern Police Commissioner by Ray Whitrod

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'In the depths of the Depression, while cycling around the South Australian Riverlands in a vain attempt to find fruitpicking work, a young Ray Whitrod learned of a recruitment scheme for teenage police cadets. He set off for Adelaide and a copper's life. In 1976 Whitrod resigned as police commissioner of Queensland, no longer willing to tolerate the interference of the Bjelke-Petersen government. It was a decision that the Fitzgerald Inquiry would later, gloriously vindicate.' 'In the years between these events Ray Whitrod rose through the ranks to command not only the Queensland police but the Commonwealth and the Papua New Guinea forces as well. In wartime, he had trained and flown as a navigator with the RAF in Europe and the Middle East. After the war, he helped to found ASIO, operating both in the field and from behind a desk.'. This 2001 University of Queensland Press Paperback is in Good condition.

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