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Antipodes: the Ingenious And Exhilarating Expedition of El Lider And La Campana by Mark Price

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What can a modestly capable man of adventure do when every mountain has been climbed, every river navigated to its source, and every Guinness record stretched to impossibility?He can spin a globe of the world and discover that his small country has its own antipodes u yet unknown and unexplored! He can take 360-degree photos of 'Perfect Places' in New Zealand, dub himself 'El Lider' and his partner 'La Campa a', and set off to find the exact opposite points in Spain and Portugal. In New Zealand, the expedition is somewhat downbeat. Members are not always cognizant of being on an expedition u if they knew in the first place u as they sample budget margarine in a Canterbury camping ground, traipse from cellar to cellar in Marlborough vineyards, or search an Auckland shopping mall for a soft drink that can be bought with a credit card. Across the world, with the aid of a rented Ford Focus, a GPS system, six white shirts and the intrepidly frugal La Campa a, El Lider's expedition forges paths where no New Zealander has gone before: through gorse and pines, skirting quarries and ponds, nimbly evading horses, pigs, nude farmers' wives and the much-feared El Toro, into the heart of noparticular- where in Spain, to photograph his 'Perfect Place' antipodes. Wryly, drily and with an economy that would do La Campa a proud, author Mark Price tells the bare truth which is funnier than any fiction. This 2009 Longacre Press Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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