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Folktales of Israel by Dov Noy

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The Righteous. The Wayfarer And His Ass -- The Two She-goats From Shebreshin -- King David's Tomb In Jerusalem -- Joseph The Righteous Of Peki'in -- The Rich Miser And The Shoemaker -- He Who Has Faith In God Is Rewarded -- The Drought In Mosul -- The Town That Had Faith In God -- The Blessings Of A Hidden Saint -- When The Wheel Of Fortune Turns -- The Blood Libel -- The Reward Of A Midwife -- The Covetous. No Escape From Fate -- The Spendthrift Son -- The Porter Who Lost His Appetite -- A Man With Many Court Cases -- The Landlord And His Son -- The Shopkeeper And The Four Blind Beggars -- The Rich Beggar And His Wonderful Purse -- The Beggar And His Ass -- The Coffeemill, The Tray, And The Stick -- A Miser And A Generous Man -- The Mountain Of The Sun -- The Tall Tale Of The Merchant's Son -- Talking Animals. Abraham Our Father And The Dogs -- The Span Of Man's Life -- The Cat's Allotment -- Till I Prove Who I Am -- How A Dove And A Snake Took Pity On A Man --^ Kings And Commoners -- Blessed Be God Day By Day -- The Peasant Who Learned To Like Coffee -- When I Life The Left Moustache -- A Brother's Love -- He Who Gives Thanks To The King And He Who Gives Thanks To The Almighty -- A Letter To The Almighty -- Clever Jews. A Judge Of Horses, Diamonds, And Men -- The Right Answer To The Right Question -- A Dispute In Sign Language -- Charity Will Save From Death -- Settling An Account With A Joker -- The Cunning Of The Sons Of Israel -- A Tale Of A Jew Who Bridled The Wind -- The Kingdom Of The Lazy People -- The Great Lie -- The Bakalawa Story -- Husbands And Wives -- Years Are As Days -- The Clever Wife -- The Deceived Girl And The Stone Of Suffering -- With God's Will All Is Possible -- The Box With Bones -- The Queen Who Was A Witch -- The Only Daughter Of Noah The Righteous -- Heroes And Heroines. Who Cured The Princess? -- The Hunter And The King's Fair Daughter -- The Pupil Who Excelled His Master -- The Three Brothers --^ Who Is Blessed With The Realm, Riches, And Honor? -- The Ten Serpents -- Wise Men -- The Lion Who Walked In The Garden -- A Servant When He Reigns -- What Melody Is Sweetest? -- The Tailor's And The Lord's Work -- This Too Will Pass -- The Rambam And The Bottle Of Poison -- Numskulls -- The Passover Miracle -- The One-eyed Cadi -- The Tailor With His Luck Locked Up -- Two Madmen -- The Two Husbands -- Where Is The Jar? -- What Was The Servant Thinking Of? Edited By Dov Noy, With The Assistance Of Dan Ben-amos. Translated By Gene Baharav. Includes Bibliographical References (pages 197-200) And Indexes. This 1969 University of Chicago Press Paperback is in Good condition.

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