Producing 'Peacemonger'

Author, editor and publisher Mark Derby will be in the shop on Tuesday 21 February 6.30pm to talk about 'Peacemonger' - the book about internationally known researcher Owen Wilkes. 

Owen Wilkes was a tireless and formidable researcher for peace and disarmament.

Before the Internet, Owen combed publicly available sources on weapons systems and defence strategy. Over the years he revealed the secretive military function of a proposed satellite tracking station in the South Island, he identified a spy base at Tangimoana, he supported local campaigns against foreign military activity in the Philippines, he advocated for a nuclear-free Pacific, and while working in Sweden he was charged with espionage and deported after photographing intriguing but publicly visible installations. 

'Peacemonger', edited by May Bass and Mark Derby is a book dedicated to the remarkable mahi of Owen. It includes chapters by a variety of authors, including Maire Leadbeater, Bob Mann, David Robie, Peter Wills and Nicky Hager. Nicky's chapter spells out what made Owen Wilkes' research so devastatingly effective and explains how we can use many of the same techniques today, in the Internet era.

Come along and talk with Mark Derby about the book.