Poetry Reading with Renae Williams

"The poetry will be popping, the toasters are def popping,
and there's plenty of spreads to go around!"
On TUESDAY June 27th  from 6pm-7pm, we're hosting the fabulous poet Renae Williams.
Renae's book ' Butter on Toast the Next Morning' was published in March by 5ever at a launch full of not only wonderful readings but also lots of toast & (vegan) butter, and now we're lucky enough to have a poetry reading in the shop (along with more toast and butter) - so do come along.
'Butter on Toast the Next Morning' is a looking glass into the human condition and the slightly vulgar (but incredibly normal) phenomena that comes with it. Poem by poem, this debut by Aotearoa poet Renae Williams is a mute on tradition. A halt on the hustle. A reminder to love a little harder, let the light in a little more, and to not be afraid of the shadows.