Mid-Winter News: VicBook Shelves & Craft Events

We've had a busy mid-winter - we bought three of the Vic Books' shelves so there's been some shuffling and re-arranging of the space towards the back of the shop. It was so sad to see Vic Books close, but we're very glad that we managed to buy the shelves and can keep them been used for what they were intended to do: hold and display books. Thank you Vic Books and we wish you all the best. Vic Books was a treasure.

Meanwhile, the cold has hit and the sales of mysteries and horror has gone up! They're the most popular books at the moment and it was the same last year, we assume people like to snuggle up with a bit of mayhem to stay warm and keep the blood flowing... .We have a lot of mystery authors, but the more popular ones we have in bulk at the moment include: Tana French, Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbo, Ellis Peters & Alexander McCall Smith. In the horror section the shelves are oozing with Virginia Andrews, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Anne Rice - plus more. Keep an eye on the website or just come in and browse as books are always coming and going.

Also, we're pleased to announce that we're holding our winter book craft events again. Starting on Thursday 10 August from 6-8pm, we're hosting with Wellington ZineFest a series of 'unserious' craft events:
  • Thursday 10 August - Book Safe - last year we hollowed out a pile of Reader's Digest editions to make book safes and this year we're going to do the same. We're stashing away some suitable hardcover books for the evening.
  • Thursday 17 August - Envelopes - Wellington ZineFest have an envelope making template, so we'll use old book pages to make usable envelopes.
  • Thursday 24 August - Stitch Binding - using an awl and thread we're going to make some pamphlet stitch notebooks using colourful paper amassed over the recent months.
  • Thursday 31 August - Collage - use old books and magazines that we've been stock-piling to create works of art.
  • 7 September - Origami - we've got attractive pages from old books to make attractive origami creations and we also have a stash of modern durable maps that we want to fold into useful and usable wallets.
If you want to book a space for one (or some, or all) of these evenings, please email wellingtonzinefest@gmail.com All events run from 6pm to 8pm.