Magic, religion, controversy, influence!

An extraordinary, Century-old, 12-volume print of The Golden Bough : A Study in Magic and Religion has arrived at Book Haven. One of the most influential works of all time, perhaps THE work to establish the field of anthropology - the study of humanity, past and present - it has inspired artists, writers and thinkers ever since.

Robert Graves, DH Lawrence and Hemingway drew directly from Sir James George Frazer's masterpiece. Freud and Jung debated it in the establishment of Dream Theory and Psychoanalysis. Camille Paglia described his 'most brilliant perception' in her book Sexual Personae. Turner painted its scenes. It is even the book Kurtz' reads at the climax of Apocalypse Now!
Frazer's theories about mythology and nature, humanity, gods and art also provoked great controversy. It is rare to find a full set like this, printed in 1914. Will it inspire you too..?

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