Being an investigative journalist: A talk with Nicky Hager

We're looking forward to hosting a talk with Nicky Hager in the shop on Tuesday 22 November, 6:30pm. 

Nicky is a local journalist whose work has had a huge impact on a range of issues both in this country and abroad. He has written books and published articles on numerous subjects, with specific interests in international intelligence and NZ´s role in the 5-Eyes, the NZ military, government decision-making processes, green-washing, political-party funding, and smear politics. 

Nicky likes talking with people about the methods and practice of investigative journalism, in fact earlier this year he gave the keynote speech to the Dataharvest European Investigative Journalism Conference. Now is your chance to hear him at Book Haven.

If you're interested in investigative journalism, or want to hear Nicky's thoughts on being an investigative journalist - do come along.

Tuesday - 22 November - 6.30pm

at Book Haven