Woof!: a Gay Man's Guide To Dogs

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Focusing his 'queer eye' for the dog world, author Andrew DePrisco celebrates the love affair gay men have with their canine partners. This satirical and over-the-top guidebook advises gay men on how to select the most fabulous dogs for them based on their personalities, preferences, and lifestyles. The author describes 28 'breeds' of gay men and connects each guy with the dog breed right for him: from cowboys and farm boys to bears, drag queens, and fashionistas. Woof! humorously examines how a gay man's life is enhanced and altered by choosing to share a home with a dog.

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Product Specifications
SKU 1003128
Author Andrew De Prisco
Year 2007
Publisher BowTie Press
Type Hardcover
Condition Good
Pages 208
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