Well-Remembered Days : Eoin O'ceallaigh's Memoir Of A Twentieth-Century Catholic Life

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Meet Eoin OCeallaigh: writer, poet, nationalist, playwright, civil servant, commentator and champion of the traditional values of Ireland. Little known, until now, outside of his homeland, Well-Remembered Days is not only his story, but the story of a nation. The irrepressible Eoin recounts the events of his life. From the early twentieth century (Eoin explodes the myth of Irish poverty, showing that it was merely confined to a handful of ten or twelve malcontents) to the horrifyingly liberal 1990s (with its garbage TV shows such as Father Ted) OCeallaigh has seen it all. However, he will be best remembered for the formation of The League of the Mother of God against Sin, the organization that kept jazz and contemporary dance out of Irish life for decades.

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Author Arthur Mathews
Year 2002
Publisher Pan Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 211
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