Tracing Your Family History: the Complete Guide To Locating Your Ancestors And Finding Out Where You Came From

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To make the information easy to use, the book is divided into five parts: - Part One explains how to get started--from defining your goals to filing pertinent information - Part Two leads you to places where information can be found: national archives, public libraries, museums, and more - Part Three explains how to read vital documents and understand all the fine print - Part Four helps to locate particular ancestors by tracing female ancestors, indigenous people, and even convicts, and the ins and outs of adoption and illegitimacy - Part Five explains how to go beyond your local resources and use archives and research centers around the world - Each section identifies common problems--unique Problem Solver, Quick Tips, checklists, and dos and don'ts boxes provide practical, understandable solutions - The website names of searchable records databases are scattered throughout the book plus 'the resources directory' at the end provide access to on-line genealogical data No matter what your background or how little you know about your family history, this guide will help you discover your roots and in the process enable you to learn more about yourself.

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SKU 985600
Author Lise Hull
Year 2006
Publisher Readers Digest
Type Hardcover
Condition Very Good
Pages 192
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