The Secret Hunters

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The Secret Hunters An elite group determined to bring justice to the victims of genocide. Canada's North West territories: the arrival of a plane bound for the military's top secret Alert Base is to change Derek Jacob's life forever. Consumed by hatred, he is unable to restrain himself from attacking one of the engineers. Then the secrets of Jacob's childhood in Nazi Germany are revealed; including the violent death of his mother at the hands of SS officer Karl Seidler - the engineer Jacobs instinctively recognised. When Jacobs joins the Secret Hunters, all becomes clear: Seidler is part of a plot to re-establish the fascist state. And when an untapped gold seam is discovered in Antarctica, Seidler and his cohorts believe they have discovered the resources to fund their scheme. But they hadn't reckoned on Jacobs, who joins the Antarctic expedition as the ship's cook, desperate for revenge . . .

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SKU 891021
Author Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Year 2002
Publisher Time Warner Paperbacks
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 516
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