The Playful Puppy (Little Animal Ark #1)

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Mandy's friend, Peter, has a new puppy, called Timmy. Mandy thinks Timmy is adorable ...but he chews things he shouldn't! Can Mandy help to find Timmy a less naughty game to play? Look out for more 'Little Animal Ark' titles: 'The Curious Kitten' (Mar 01), 'The Midnight Mouse' (Apr 01), 'The Brave Bunny' (May 01), 'The Clever Cat' (Jun 01), 'The Party Pony' (Jul 01).

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Product Specifications
SKU 367071
Author Lucy Daniels
Year 2001
Publisher Hodder Children's Books
Type Paperback
Condition Near Mint
Pages 64
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