The Best Awful

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Since 'Postcards From the Edge', Suzanne Vale has been on the straight and narrow. Or at least, her version of it. She's raising her daughter by herself, hosting a talk-show, being civil to her ex-husband and his ... husband, and taking those little pills for what her doctor insists is her 'bi-polar' personality. She is just about managing to survive in the demented Hollywood fairyland. But 'just about' isn't enough. And the 'straight and narrow' is a little straight, and a lot boring. When Suzanne decides to become the 'best' - the best partner, the best mother, the best company and daughter and celebrity - slowly (and then very quickly) her life begins to spin out of control. Soon her little walk on the wild side becomes an unbridled gallop toward a psychotic breakdown - and a stay in the 'bin'.

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Product Specifications
SKU 1016751
Author Carrie Fisher
Year 2004
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Type Trade Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 290
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