Tasman Trespasser 2

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In 1977, Colin Quincey became the first man to row the Tasman. Thirty years later, his son Shaun decided to emulate his father - rowing the other way. His father's boat was the Tasman Trespasser, and when Shaun decided to build and row Tasman Trespasser II, he knew it wasn't going to be easy. At the time, he owned little more than a drum kit and a heap of dreams. While he was at home in the water - an experienced surf lifesaver and swimmer - in his own words he had never been so scared, had less money, been laughed at as much or been so unprepared for anything in his life. That he succeeded is history - that he set a new record, testament to personal endurance and sheer tenacity, as well as the skill with which he designed and built his boat. Don't miss a moment. My world is a confusion of violent twists, rolls and thuds, with screaming wind and waves crashing into, onto and over me. I am lying braced with my feet against the cabin wall, my back against another, sweating and trying to eat cold porridge . . .

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Author Shaun Quincey
Year 2010
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand
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Pages 352
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