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As Maj - Britt festers malevolently in her hermetic apartment, appeased only by an endless supply of food, Monika blots out her pain by ceaselessly working, punishing herself unforgivingly for any failure. They have nothing in common but the determination to obliterate their memories and be left alone - but when a letter and a tragic accident force each of them to confront the past, their lives become inextricably intertwined. As the emotional void of their lives threatens to engulf them, each woman proves the catalyst for the other's destruction - or salvation. A taut psychological thriller, Shame subtly explores the devastating powers of fear, oppressive religion and forbidden sexuality. With all the elements of classic noir, Karin Alvtegen has written her finest book to date.

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SKU 539346
Author Karin Alvtegen
Author Steven T. Murray
Year 2006
Publisher Text Publishing Company
Type Paperback
Condition Very Good
Pages 352
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