Pixie Tricks #02: The Greedy Gremli N (Pixie Tricks)

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Violet Briggs just met someone who's really out of this world. He's a fairy named Sprite and he has a huge secret! Thirteen fairies escaped from the Otherworld and they're causing all kinds of trouble. It's up to Sprite, the Pixie Tricker, to catch the fairies but he needs Violet's help. Will Violet and Sprite be able to trick the fairies into going home before it's too late?Violet's cousin is trapped inside a video game! Sprite says it has to be the work of Jolt, a tricky gremlin. Jolt's magic is very powerful, but Violet and Sprite have a few tricks of their own. ...

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Product Specifications
SKU 605632
Author Tracey West
Year 2000
Publisher Scholastic
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 128
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