Otherland Ii: River of Blue Fire

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Otherland is civilisation's most stunning achievement: a private, multi-dimensional universe built over two generations by the greatest minds of the twenty-first century. But this most exclusive of places is also a jealously guarded secret, created and controlled by the Grail Brotherhood, a private cartel known to few and made up of the world's most powerful and ruthless individuals. The purpose of Otherland is still a mystery. But it may not remain so for long. For a small band of adventurers has penetrated the secrecy that surrounds it and has broken into the amazing worlds within worlds it contains. However, with one among their number determined to ensure that no one lives long enough to reveal the truth about Otherland, an extraordinary quest soon becomes a desperate race against time. 'True speculative grandeur.' Time Out

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Product Specifications
SKU 1032348
Author Tad Williams
Year 1999
Publisher Orbit
Type Paperback
Condition Very Good
Pages 816
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