A Monk Swimming

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Roll up your sleeves and settle in for a rough and tumble story of the hard life and fast times of an original Irish American rogue. A Monk Swimming expands on the up-from-your-bootstraps tale of the McCourt family, which was so beautifully detailed in his big brother Frank McCourt's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Angela's Ashes. Reared on 'warm words, serried words, glittering poetic, harsh, and even blasphemous words,' McCourt has storytelling in his blood. From his arrival in America wearing patched clothes and broken boots, McCourt swore he'd fight before ever tasting the bitterness of poverty again. In this heartfelt memoir he pulls no punches and carries the listener along as he climbs up through every level of society: from the flop houses of Calcutta to the swank poolside cabanas of Beverly Hills. A celebrity barkeep, society darling, Hollywood striver, and world-class drinker, McCourt has lived a life of outsized adventure. In A Monk Swimming, he shares each hard-knock lesson in the passionate cadence of his uniquely Irish voice. (

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SKU 51449
Author Malachy McCourt
Year 1998
Publisher Picador
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 290
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