A Complete Guide To Fairies & Magical Beings

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In >A Complete Guide to Fairies and Magical Beings> Cassandra Eason explores the enduring popularity of fairies and nature spirits across all ages and cultures.--Explores the history of fairies across a range of countries, cultures and faiths-Examines the main types of fairies from nature spirits, devas, earth spirits and elementals, to trolls, goblins and djinns-Looks at the evidence for the existence of fairies and famous case histories of fairy sightings-Explores how fairies have been a potent source of inspiration in myth and literature from Shakespeare to Peter Pan and what this tells us about their symbolic power-Explores fairies, nature spirits and healing, including the discovery and creation of flower and tree essences-Examines ways to access the fairy world including drawing on the energies present in ley lines, standing stones and sacred wells-Provides exercises and rituals to help you unlock the power of fairies to transform your own life and develop your spiritualityFor more information on Cassandra Eason please visit at www.cassandraeason.co.uk

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SKU 881341
Author Cassandra Eason
Year 2001
Publisher Piatkus
Type Paperback
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Pages 264
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