Den of Lions: Memoirs of Seven Years

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On March 16, 1985, Associated Press's Chief Middle East Correspondent, Terry Anderson, was kidnapped on the streets of Beirut. 2454 days - nearly seven years - later, he emerged into the light. 'Den of Lions' is his memoir of that harrowing time; months of solitary confinement, beatings and daily humiliation. It is a story of personal courage, of brave and unflinching support for his fellow prisoners, but it is above all a love story - Madeleine Bassil, his fiancee, contributes her own chapters to their story, bringing up their child, Sulome, who never saw her father until she was six years old.

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SKU 85314
Author Terry Anderson
Year 1994
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Pages 356
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