101 Places Not To Visit

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There are hundreds of travel guides that tell you all the good things about a place and gloss over the not-so-good. This guide acts as an antidote to that and tells you what you really want to know. What are the chances of leaving the place alive? Will the food or water kill you? How friendly or violent are the locals? Most of the time you don't get to know this until you are actually there - but by then it is too late. 101 Places Not to Visit takes you through a selection of cities and countries that any wise traveller should avoid. Its tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud humour outlines the not-so-attractive elements of each place. A star rating of Boredom, Likelihood of Fatal Visit, Friendliness of People, and Ease of Travelling is included at the start of each entry to give the reader a taster. This is followed by an outline of the history of the place, its culture (or lack of it), and what culinary delights you can hope to endure. Arranged by continent, the spreads are alphabetical and concentrate on cities. Each city's History, Climate, Visas etc. is discussed. There are also special spreads devoted to whole countries.

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