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    And Then There Were 10 And the Krakken

    Discover the amazing world of Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old kid who proves that anyone can be a hero! In Storybook 1, find out how Ben's alien adventures begin in 'And Then There Were 10', before tackling 'The Krakken'. In Storybook 2, discover what happens when Ben, Gwen and Max head into the desert in 'Permanent Retirement', then go on to read 'Side Effects', where our heroes come across one creepy guy... Also including quizzes, puzzles and lots of cool stickers!


    New Battlestar Galactica Omnibus Volume 1

    Dynamite presents the first 15 issues of their acclaimed Battlestar Galactica series in one massive book! Overseen by series Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick and set in-between episodes of SCI FI's Battlestar Galactica's second season, Dynamite Entertainment's New Battlestar Galactica features a powerful tale of survival and upheaval among the last remnants of the 12 Colonies of Man. As Adama and crew race to escape the Cylon threat and find a path to Earth, a new menace is uncovered among the fleet in the form of the 'Returners.' Holding a deadly secret to all aboard, these 'Returners' have taken the forms of those long thought lost. Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Nigel Raynor and Jonathan Lau, this edition features some ever-so-slight tweaks that the creators have meticulously restored, as well as bonus art material and a complete cover gallery.


    Cartoon History of the Universe: Volumes 1-7--From the Big Bang To Alexander the Great

    An entertaining and informative illustrated guide that makes world history accessible, appealing, and funny. 'Obviously one of the great books of all time.' -- Terry Jones.


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