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    Speaking Frankly: the Frank Sargeson Memorial Lectures 2003-2010,

    Frank Sargeson (1903 - 1982) was mentor to many of our past and current writers, including Janet Frame, C.K. Stead, and Kevin Ireland. The lectures range from his generosity, how the Great New Zealand novel developed, the influences on his writing, the place of literary house museums and the value of reading to our lives. It includes papers from Michael King, Lawrence Jones, Kevin Ireland, Peter Wells, Christine Cole Catley, Graeme Lay, Elizabeth Aitken Rose and Owen Marshall. Commemorating him, the Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellowship is awarded annually. Speaking Frankly is part of Cape Catley?s Sargeson Collection. About the editor Sarah Shieff teaches in the Department of English, University of Waikato. She directs the University of Waikato's programme in New Zealand Studies and edits the Journal of New Zealand Literature. She is convenor of the Frank Sargeson Memorial Lectures.


    The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books

    A professor for over forty years, Jim Flynn found that fewer and fewer of his students were in love with reading. However, they were willing to try if he would give them lists. This book is the definitive list: 200 works so wonderful to read, and so revealing about times and places, that they make learning enjoyable and effortless. The title the Torchlight List is in honour of the author's 'uneducated' Irish family who made him love reading including an uncle who, while an able seaman during World War I, read by torchlight on board ship. Flynn begins by offering five novels that he believes will convince anyone to make reading a habit, including one that will change their lives and take them into the 'magic realm'.


    20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, And How To Get It

    Today?s 20-somethings seem to have it all: great educational opportunities, excellent starting salaries, and champagne toasts at the weddings and parties of their dreams. What about the dreaded next phase of life? 20 Something Manifesto helps them delve deeper into the issues of expectation hangovers and the life skills needed to create change and direction in their lives. Stories and guided queries from 20-somethings are followed by commentary by the author, a noted life coach and quarter-life crisis expert. Topics include the man with commitment phobia, the woman who finds that independence brings financial difficulties, and the couple trying to balance careers and marriage. Issues include dealing with parents, choosing and changing careers, opting for more education, relocating for a job, and severing problematic relationships. Each story comes with practical action plans, take-aways, or suggested steps. This timely book offers struggling 20-somethings the guidance that they may not be receiving from peers, parents, and society.


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